A reflection of the international recognition and support

The following lines are proof of the deep respect that some famous cellists and pedagogues have for Eduardo´s artistry and his work as a pedagogue.

Adolfo Gutiérrez Arenas. Cellist, international concert performer.

I have known Mr. Eduardo Palao for many years now, and I have witnessed his development both as a high level cellist and as a cello pedagogue at relevant international schools, as well as his work with outstanding personalities in the world of violoncello playing. As a cello pedagogue, I can assure that Mr. Palao makes the most of his pupils´ talent. Proof of this is that many of his students are now continuing their studies at some of the most prominent international music schools and colleges around the world. Mr. Palao’s knowledge and devotion are an honor and a great asset for Spain, since he is one of the very few cello teachers in this country who can help our students to attain the standards of excellence that prevail in countries that take the lead in the field of musical education. For the aforementioned reasons I hereby express my most enthusiastic appreciation for Mr. Palao and request that he be granted the utmost support from whomever might be in a position to do so, on behalf of all those who desire that Spain acquires a relevant position in the music world.

Amit Peled. Cellist, professor at the Peabody Conservatory of Music

It is my great pleasure to write this letter for my good friend and colleague cellist and pedagogue Eduardo Palao. I have met Eduardo a few years ago in Spain while performing and teaching there and have witnessed his fantastic work as a pedagogue with many young talented Spanish students. Through the years a few of his students have continued their studies with me at the Peabody Institute and have blossomed to become fine musicians and cellists. Eduardo´s care and strong devotion to all his students is always evident in their serious approach to the cello and music. I look forward to many more years of friendship and collaboration.

Gary Hoffman. Cellist, international concert performer.

Eduardo Palao upholds, demonstrates and transmits the principles and values of cello playing and music making which I consider to be of the greatest importance, and does so with humility, compassion and personal involvement. He has shown himself to be a person of high ideals and of complete dedication to the task of teaching and supporting the young generation of cellists.

María de Macedo. Cellist, Pedagogue.

Eduardo Palao is a cellist who in my opinion should be considered as an example in the Spanish chelstic panorama, especially in the field in which he moves: The pedagogy of the cello. With a high quality musical training, his desire for more and more knowledge, his aesthetic principles and rigor, make it recognized and appreciated not only in Spain but also abroad, his students are an example of this. It is a pleasure for me, to express my great appreciation for your work and your person. What is desirable and right is that he find the right scope to develop how much he can contribute to the cello in Spain.

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